Another Book Blog?

I know there are lots and lots of book blogs that you can read. So why should you try another new one? What will be different about this blog? To begin with I read all sorts of genres. This blog won’t focus on just one type of genre like mystery, chicklit, romance, science fiction etc. I tend to select books based on nothing more than a whim. I might select a book based on the title, experience with the author, the book cover or simply it’s been marked down to a low, low price.

I will keep it simple. There will be the basic information you need as title and author, with a short synopsis and my opinion. Like all things, opinions vary. I might read a book and love it and another blogger may hate it. So what I say is nothing more than my own personal opinion. It is not a professional, expert, literary critic review. I am a single, middle-aged woman who loves to read. Nothing more and nothing less. If you like my blog, please share it.



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