The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans

This is another of my Half Price Books finds. What drew me to it was the title and synopsis that the protagonist in the story aspired to be a haute couture designer. I have always loved to sew and found the topic interesting.

This book spans three generations through Ms Evans storytelling. Like most families, there is a secret and in this case more than one. The backdrop for the story is post WW I and pre WW II. Unless you are a history buff or just love France /Germany many readers will find it surprising to learn the countries fought more than once over the Alsace region of France which changed hands several times before finally ending up as part of France.

Living in a multi-cultural society where we are hopefully taught not to discriminate, I’m always reminded that hatred for certain people lies underneath the surface of many.

I thought the story was good but didn’t like that certain characters disappeared for extended periods of time. Nor did I like the absolute goodness of one man played against the absolute evilness of another. We all have a little of both in each of us.

Fashion espionage is still relevant today. You can find fake designer items for sale on line and in the street. Anyone that has been to NYC has probably made a stop on Canal Street to see pirated goods. So the story has modern day relevance and helps the reader understand how wrong it is to steal from designers.

Overall I thought it was a good book and if you like fashion, history, love, war, and secrets you will like this book.


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