The Simple Truth by David Baldacci

   What do you say about a book that causes to rush through your responsibilities so you can get back to the story? Baldacci’s ability to intertwine a love story, government intrigue and family struggles.

   Is the truth ever simple? It seems it should be but as we all know, truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Searching for the truth concerning one night in which a young man’s life is altered and costs him his freedom is at the heart of the story.

    Reading about the inner workings of the Supreme Court was eye opening but not completely surprising. An overachieving and perfect law clerk stumbles upon an appeal. He feels compelled to remove it without having it officially recorded (an illegal act). This one simple act to begin the search for the truth draws the reader into intrigue, love, betrayal, power struggle at the highest level, murder, the military and family misunderstandings.

   I highly recommend this book if you like love, mystery and triumph.


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