All the Single Ladies By Dorothea Benton Frank

I should state that I don’t intend to give too much information concerning story and plot in my reviews. It isn’t my intention to give a Cliff notes version of the book. I’m just sharing my overall view of the book with some minor story information.

This is definitely a chick lit book but what I found most enjoyable were the characters and the fact they weren’t 25 years old. The main female characters in this book range in age from early fifties to 99. As a woman in her 50s, it was refreshing to read about my contemporaries. Years ago I read a book about the differences between the friendships of women and the friendships of men. It said women have face to face relationships and men have side by side friendships. What does this mean? As women we connect through experiences, shared emotions and the ability to trust someone with our secrets. Men however focus on having another guy by his side to participate in some activity.

This need for deep female friendships is at the heart of this book. A dying woman and her ultimate death brings together three unique women, each having a different life experience but still needing the support and perspective of other women. A feisty 99 year old matriarch shows them that life doesn’t end at 50, it is just beginning.

I wish good looking, intelligent and successful men were as easy to find as they were in the book but to read about the possibility of love after 50 was great. Miss Trudie in the book at 99 never loses her zest for life and it’s a lesson anyone of any age needs to learn.

I thought the mystery was an unnecessary part of the story but it wasn’t overly distracting. As a Southern woman, the author definitely knows how to convey the hot, humid and oppressive summer weather, but she also does a wonderful job of giving examples of true southern hospitality and love.

Kick back and have an enjoyable time reading All the Single Ladies by Dororthea Benton Frank.


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