Poldark by Winston Graham

By far this 12 book series is my favorite of all books I’ve read. I will review the books individually. The BBC has made Poldark into a mini-series twice. The current series covers the first two books. If you like the mini-series or the Outlander Books, I believe you will love the Poldark series. I identify with Ross Poldark and desire to be like Demelza. I have another blog http://www.livinglikedemelza.com because I admire her so much.

Ross is a complicated man. Recently returned from fighting the Colonials in the American Revolution, he learns his love, Elizabeth is to wed his cousin Francis. And to rub salt in his wound, his father is dead and his inheritance is in ruined. Heartbroken, Ross throws himself into his land and copper/ore mine.

His exposure to the American idea of the equality between men ignited in him a deeper sense of the injustices of the class system in England. Always close to his tenants, he now suffers alongside them and feels deeply responsible for them.

Poldark is the story of a man with an internal struggle and an external one as well. Through the open heart of a young girl who becomes a strong woman, Ross is given the ability to persevere. Can I say it wraps up into a happy ending? I can’t. This series looks at life upclose and while we don’t struggle with the simple, daily efforts needed to live, we still struggle with the same preconceived ideas, class distinction, brokenhearts, and just the over all internal struggle of doing what is right versus doing what is easiest or what is acceptable.

You will not regret reading Poldark. This series has truly changed me for the better.


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