The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank


    Have you ever read a book and thought how on earth did the universe know this was exactly what you needed to read at that very moment? That is how I feel about The Last Original Wife.  While my personal story differs from the one in book, there are similarities. Les is a woman quickly approaching 60 and she decides to alter her life. Of course in books, there is always a new love interest waiting in the wings and new found wealth.

    In my own personal story, no such luck. But the underlying feelings that Les experiences are ones to which I can relate. She is afraid of the future and worried about living the remainder of her life unhappy. I too was unhappily married but fear kept me from leaving. I didn’t end up divorced until my ex-husband left me for another woman. Like Les, I wonder if I was a good mother or did I fail my children. I wonder if I had done things differently would my marriage have worked out. I’ve had to stand by and watch myself being replaced by a much younger woman.

   Ms Frank has an incredible way of describing the low country of South Carolina. She makes me want to move there. It reminds me I don’t really belong anywhere like Les belongs in Charleston. Her vivid descriptions of southern manners and way of life are easily envisioned through her words.


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