The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani


    My mother sent me one on Adriana Trigiani’s books a couple of years ago and so when I saw this at Half Price Books, I bought it. An intriguing story of two star-crossed lovers that take approximately 10 years to unite. The story begins in northern Italy and finishes in Minnesota.

   I enjoyed reading the description of the Italian Alps and life in 1900. It is amazing how much technology has changed our lives. Where people used to wait weeks for a letter, we can now instantly message someone anywhere in the world. I moved around growing up and come from a very small family. Ms. Trigiani’s description of the love in a large family and even the love between two brothers stirred my heart. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. In her story she does a great job helping the reader understand the intense attachment the main characters have to Italy. Even after 30 years in Texas, I still feel homeless.

     In today’s age we emphasize the importance of a college education but there was a time that trade workers had much more respect. And in my opinion, we are seriously short of talented trade workers. Ciro becomes a master shoemaker, a soldier, a husband and a father. We see him go from an orphaned boy to a loving man. Reading about the intense love story that almost didn’t happen gave me hope that someday, I too might find true love.


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