The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry


    I give this book 2 stars. I read Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry and I really liked it, so I thought I would like this book too. Unfortunately it was disappointing. I was unable to connect to any of the characters. The main female lead, Towner Whitney aka Sophya, has lived in a self-imposed personal exile. Having spent her youth between Salem and Yellow Dog Island, after the death of her twin sister she leaves for California. Learning of the death of her beloved, great-aunt Eva, Towner returns home.

   While there she is forced to confront her past. Her brother, her mother, visions of her dead great-aunt and dead sister, a police detective, a fundamentalist cult leader, a “witch” and a missing girl all led her down a path she doesn’t wish to travel.

   I felt like the books was all over the place and just had too much information. I know that might be strange because usually you want more information about the characters. This time I wanted less about Towner and more about some of the other ones. Had I not lost interest in the book, I might have seen the twist at the end coming. However midway through the author lost my attention and I never could quite get back into the story.

   The title leads you to believe the story will revolve around the mystery of “lace reading” where a woman would look at you through a piece of lace and be able to see your future. It is a type of fortune telling. Except for excerpts from Great-Aunt Eva’s journal about lace reading, there is very little lace reading in the book.

   Like The Map of True Places, the story centers around Salem, Massachusetts and includes some of it’s history. This time it is the witch trials and the frenzy that can sweep up even contemporary individuals.


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