Jeremy Poldark by Winston Graham

I give this book 5 stars. I have read this book twice and both times I am taken aback by how relevant the topics of late 18th century Cornwall pertain to 21st century America. Ross is dealing with the death of his daughter and the near death of Demelza when he is confronted with what in his eyes is social injustice.

Of course the penalties are stiffer for what we would consider minor offenses today but the idea that the rights of the wealthy supercede the rights of the poor is still a hot button topic today. 

George Warleggan is intent on destroying Ross. Ross is lost in his grief and what he sees as his failure to provide for his tenants. When a shipwreck comes ashore on Hendrawna beach, riots ensue and death. The law of the day was what comes ashore was the property of the finder. However the Warleggans saw this as an opportunity to use their financial influence to have Ross arrested and tried for insiting a riot and the death of their disgraced cousin. Demelza Harbor’s a secret during the trial. Will this destroy the life they are slowly building.

What I love most about this book series is how human and flawed the characters are. No one does the right thing every time. Every character makes mistakes, suffers consequences-sometimes greater than they should be-but they persevere on and make good choices too. 

This is a definite read.


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