Warleggans by Winston Graham


Warleggans is the fourth in the twelve books series by Winston Graham. With each book I become more deeply involved with the characters. I will do my best not to  give too much away so if you are watching the TV series you won’t have it spoiled.

George continues his struggle to be accepted. He has burned into his soul that is the grandson of a blacksmith and no amount of wealth that he acquires will ever be enough. He continues with his attempts to destroy Ross’s life. I think George would be a good character for a psychology student to analyze. He is wealthier than Ross and with that money comes power. One would think George could give up his desire to destroy Ross but he knows Elizabeth stills loves Ross and Ross loves Elizabeth despite what he says. Ross is accepted because of his name and George has doors closed in his face. Ross has family, Francis, Verity and now Demelza. Even society is beginning to open its doors and accept Demelza. All George has are two parents who never really accept the ways of the gentry and a mean, greedy uncle.

Just as Francis and Ross make amends, another tragedy strikes which forces Elizabeth to make a choice. It is a choice Ross hates and subsequently Ross is moved solely by his emotions and not by reason to act in a way that will have repercussions through the rest of the series. Demelza uses her natural intuitiveness and Ross isn’t able to fool her but they choose never to speak of what happened.

Demelza’s heartbreak leads her own her own path of discovery and possibly into making a huge mistake. This is a 5 star book and a 5 star series.


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