Book Addiction

This isn’t so much a review but my experience when I find a book or book series that touches me in a deeper way than just entertainment.

The Poldark  books did that. I have a blog devoted to Demelza, the lead female character because she touches me so deeply. I’ve just spent the past couple weeks reading Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector  Gamache series. She has created a world in Three Pines that I desperately want to inhabit. It’s a small unmapped town in Quebec not far from the Vermont state line. I want Olivier, Gabri, Clara, Myrna and yes even Ruth as my friends. I want to sit by the fire and eat at the bistro. I want to sit for a portrait by Clara, rummage through Myrna’s bookstore for a new adventure and experience Ruth’s coarseness against the background of such softness.

Each of her books had something to say to me personally. Reading about Clara’s insecurities concerning her talent and understanding how she feels. Reading that Clara memorized a glowing review not because she believed it but because she wanted to remember she had a choice of what to believe. And being reminded that is true for me too. I have a choice.

Learning that Ruth has a heart despite her behavior and reaches out to the most unlikely person. Understanding if we just look there is always someone willing to throw us a rope and help us back up on our feet. And be willing to throw the rope to someone in need. 

Believe that love like Armand has for Reine-Marie is a real possibility and it is possible to feel safe and secure in a relationship.

The greatest thing about good books is they open a door into our souls and change us forever.

I will list all of her books in my next post but I would say run and don’t walk to read her books.


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