A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

Five stars. I’ve been on a book reading binge. From the moment I met Chief Inspector Gamache, Jean Guy Beauvoir, Agent Isabelle Lacoste and the inhabitants of Three Pines I knew I would be back for more. What I didn’t realize was that I would have a voracious appetite for more.

A Fatal Grace finds us back in Three Pines and another murder. The old, scary Hadley house has new owners. The woman who bought the house is electrocuted during an annual hockey match. Louise Penny has an uncanny ability to stir up in me how cold winter can be. My mind is drawn back to those Minnesota and Iowa winters when I thought my breath froze.

Sadly no one is sorry to hear of the death of CC. We have all known someone similar to her. She is the woman who has all the answers to happiness but can’t see the misery right before her eyes. The author reminds us that verbal abuse is every bit as destructive as physical abuse.

Clara Morrow is still struggling to find her artistic voice but when her husband Peter sees glimpses of genius, he becomes insecure. Ruth is still her sarcastic and casting self. Each character is woven seamlessly into the story. They become our friends, our irritatants, our hope for a safe place.

Another murder happens in the city as Ruth releases her new book of poetry. A mysterious necklace ties this murder to CC’s murder. Did the same person commit both crimes? Why was Clara seen with the murdered female vagrant? Did she know her?

I have read all the Gamache mysteries and if you want to escape to a warm, welcoming village that struggles with life and death then her books are for you.


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