God Never Blinks by Regina Brett


I picked this book up one day from the sale area at Barnes and Noble. I wasn’t sure what to expect but since I’ve personally been wondering if God has forgotten me, I thought it was a worthy purchase.

Regina Brett hasn’t had a perfect life. As a newspaper columnist, she wrote about the life lessons she learned. She has had struggles common to all of us and struggles that fortunately most of us never experience. Each lesson is just a few pages long but she packs a powerful punch in each lesson. Rather than using psychological terms and fancy ideas of how to get better, she speaks from a very personal place.

Her experiences and how she learned from each of them touched me personally. She speaks of how step-by-step, she slowly learned to find her way out of a bad situation, accept a situation she couldn’t change and see the positive in what came her way.

I like the fact that each lesson is independent of the next, so on a day I am struggling with something specific, I can read a lesson specific to my personal struggle. I suggest if you are looking for an uplifting book to help you through a tough time, this is it.



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